The tag line of our company summarises the strategy adopted for our business model: Alliance in Energy...  an alliance of European entrepreneurs and culture coupled with American pragmatism.

Two different worlds united to pursue a single purpose:  to create value for our associates and shareholders through an activity strongly characterized by ethical and moral values.

All our activities are based on the concept of the real economy because we are convinced that the global economic recovery must start from this statement. Energy has always been one of the more strategic assets central for the industrial and commercial endeavors of all important countries.

Euramerica Gas & Oil Corp. wants to propose a very profitable model in the oil business based on making the participation of a great number of investors accessible in a sector which usually has many entry barriers.

  Even faced with the difficult international situation the goals we set for ourselves are ambitious, but we believe we have the expertise, the experience, and the knowledge to achieve these goals.

We know that the steps to be taken are simply an extension of what we have already done with success from the start of our activity. At the same time we plan to meet the challenges of the market by further developing our proposal to involve more people in our business.

The extraordinary growth of our Company confirms the validity of the choices made in the past years and highlights the competitiveness of a business model which promises to be particularly relevant in the future, where the responsibility for the protection of our shareholders and associates will be increasingly at the center of our business.

Antonio Beccari