Euramerica Gas&Oil Corporation, is a domestic onshore oil company with assets located in Eastern Kansas. The company was established in 2010 by Italian professionals coming from Industrial experience to develop business between Europe and the United States.

The mission of Euramerica Gas & Oil is to identify, acquire, develop, and produce oil properties onshore in the United States. The EGO strategy is to invest in oil & gas fields with proven reserves which can be enhanced by the modern technologies available with today's technologies.
Euramerica Gas&Oil (EGO) has offices in Italy and in the United States and began its operations by bringing funds from European investors to its United States operations in Kansas.

The ability of EGO to associate with different independent service companies and integrate them with Corporate goals offers excellent flexibility. This enables the company to access and participate in various projects to the benefit of the associates who directly participate in the development of the various operations .

The company’s business model is very little known in Europe, and its success arises from the sinergies created by an expert research team, the associates involvement in the projects, and the direct economic participation in the projects by the operators selected to operate and manage the plants.